Gerrit P. Mutz - Vocals
Jens Sonnenberg  - Guitars
Jonas Khalil - Guitars
Kai Schindelar - Bass
Mathias Straub - Drums

Gerrit P. Mutz 
- Vocals - 

Year of Birth: 1969

Got into Heavy Metal in 1979/1980 with AC/DC, Kiss, Motörhead, Saxon, Scorpions, Judas Priest etc.

First self-bought Metal record: Whitesnake – Come An' Get It

Favorite SACRED STEEL song: Open Wide The Gate

Jens Sonnenberg
- Guitars - 

Year of Birth: 1973

Got into Heavy Metal in 1985 with Iron Maiden

First self-bought Metal record: Iron Maiden – Live After Death

 Favorite SACRED STEEL song: Dark Forces Lead Me To The Brimstone Gate

Jonas Khalil
- Guitars - 

Year of Birth: 1983

 Got into Heavy Metal in 1997 with Megadeth, Metallica, Sacred Steel, Iron Maiden,etc

First self-bought Metal record: Metallica - ...and justice for all

 Favorite SACRED STEEL song: The Bloodshed Summoning

Kai Schindelar
- Bass - 

Year of Birth: 1973

Got into Heavy Metal in the mid-80's with Bands like Accept, JudasPriest, Dio and Helloween

First self-bought Metal record: Scorpions: World Wide Live

Favourite SACRED STEEL Song: Wargods of Metal

Mathias Straub
- Drums - 

Year of Birth: 1977

 Got into Heavy Metal in 1990 with Anthrax, Iron Maiden etc.

First self-bought Metal record: Anthrax - State Of Euphoria

 Favorite SACRED STEEL song: Let There Be Steel


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